1970 Dart Swinger Project Car

Hemi-Orange & Black with Black Bucket Seat Interior, Rally Dash, Small Block V8, 4 BBL, Headers, 4 Speed Manual Trans, 8 3/4 Rear End.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I have decided to sell my project Dart Swinger and all of the parts I have collected for it. This is one of the straightest, cleanest, and most complete Mopar project cars you are likely to find. I have almost everything needed to put together a running, drivable 1970 Dart Swinger V8 4-speed. With a little work, this could be a spectacular Muscle Car. It just depends upon how much additional effort, time, and money someone wants to put into it. This page is to show the details of the car and the assorted parts I have that go with it.

There are several ways one could proceed with this car.
The fender tag indicates: 318 engine / 904 automatic transmission / Air Conditioning / Hemi-Orange Paint with Black Vinyl Top / Black Bench seat interior. Although I am supplying the 4-speed conversion parts, nothing has been altered on the car yet. As part of the sale I could also supply a 904 automatic transmission and the original steering column, allowing the car to be restored to it's original specs (although not original motor or transmission).

There are a couple of reasons I am selling this project. One is that I currently have four other project Mopars - all somewhat similar to this one. Something has got to go! However, the main reason I want to 'thin the herd' is that I will be going in a different direction with my future automotive projects.

Price: $4500

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Saturday, December 20, 2008


The body is very straight with no rust except for a small hole on the driver's door. The lower quarters and lower fenders are RUST-FREE. The floor and trunk pans are nice. The underside, frame rails, torsion bar support, etc have only minor surface rust. The driver's side quarter panel was replaced by a previous owner. I finished the job by welding the top of it just below the sail panel seam. I then ground it smooth and filled will 'All Metal'.

I also media blasted the sail panel seams that were hidden by the original vinyl top and filled that area with 'All Metal'. One other repair that I made was welding the area of the door post, which had been broken because someone replaced the door and didn't align it very well.

I primered these areas for protection. Even though they look decent in the pictures, they still need a little filler and hand sanded to be perfect.

The hood hinges are not broken. The driver's side has lost it's little retainer ring and has come off the stud Therefore it will not hold up the hood. I unbolted the hood and it is just sitting on there. The LF fender will need to be removed to access the hinge post.

I have new aftermarket hood scoops with chrome trim. Other body items I have are: used front bumper guards, antenna mast, all window chrome trim, RF side marker light, and replacement grille parts.

All glass is good and the windows roll up and down well. I have the two rally wheels for the right side but the tires kept going flat so I temporarily installed the steel wheels/tires. I will put the rally wheels/tires back on. I am missing all four rally wheel centers but do have the outer trim rings.


The engine is a good running, non-leaking 1973 318, 4 barrel that I removed from a 1970 Duster project car I purchased. I don't know when or if it has been rebuilt but it seems very clean. The 4 speed transmission and Mr Gasket shifter were also removed from the same 70 Duster. I also have a decent set of used headers with new gaskets. The clutch disk, pressure plate, and throwout bearing are new.

The rear end is an 8¾ non-sure grip. Gearing is unknown but I assume it's a stock 3.23. The four speed hump was removed from a 72 Duster and needs to be welded in. The rest of the parts to convert this car to a manual transmission have been gathered from here and there, and much of it has been media blasted and painted or was purchased new.

The steering column is a replacement for the original automatic transmission column shift one. The car is equipped with power steering. The power steering pump is included. There are drum brakes on all 4 wheels. They work well but their condition is unknown other than that.


Items included with the car:
  • Front Bucket Seats & Tracks
  • Rear Bench Seat
  • Original A/C Controls & Vent
  • Grille Repair Parts
  • Original Seat Belts
  • Radiator
  • Radiator Hoses
  • Distributor, Coil & Plug Wires
  • Battery Tray and Brace
  • Battery Cables
  • Chrome Air Cleaner
  • Alternator with Brackets
  • Power Steering Pump
  • Two Groove Crank Pulley
  • Water Pump Pulley & Fan
  • New Motor Mounts
  • New Transmission Mount
  • New Rally Wheel Lug Nuts
  • Used Dual Exhaust Setup

The only "significant" items I can think of that I do not have are the correct driveshaft, the heater or A/C parts other than listed above, headliner, and carpet. I am also missing the RF fender trim and rally wheel centers.


  • I have Clear Title
  • The underhood sticker that says "340" is not original to the car, nor is the rally dash. Sources who know this car have told me that a previous owner made it into a 340 clone. It had no engine when I purchased it. The fender tag indicates the original engine was a 318. The VIN and fender tag DO match.
  • The silver area on the driver's floor pan is some POR-15 I had left over from another project a couple years ago and didn't want to waste.

Friday, December 19, 2008